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Client Portal update—a roll out of more new features to further improve your experience

27 July 2020

We're continuing to make updates to the Client Portal as part of our ongoing commitment to improve your experience with our online systems.

This month we will be rolling out some new features and enhancements: to the Client Portal. This includes:

  • Dashboard - Users will now be able to view and manage Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) projects through a dashboard, rather than form-by-form
  • Downloads - You'll be able to quickly download documents that need to be submitted with project, audit or related applications
  • New scheme landing pages - We're retiring the "My Online Forms" page and replacing it with a customised landing page for each scheme
  • Profile management - And we've consolidated Profile management to help you better manage your account security, shared access, and associated organisations.

Together, these changes will transition the Client Portal from an emphasis on digitised forms towards a more intuitive and functional portal.

Why have we made these changes?

We made a commitment to improve our online systems under the Climate Solutions Fund. Over the last few months, we have been working with participants and industry on changes to our systems that will simplify and streamline participation across our schemes.


Users reported they had needed to create their own record management systems outside of the Client Portal to manage and track their ERF projects. The new dashboard features include project lists, an effective search function, access to key documents and access and permission level displays.


We have integrated a packaged download feature that will enable ERF users to easily download files and information associated with each application. This will reduce manual handing, incorrect file versions, and missing files. Further, it gives users the confidence that what they provide to their auditor is identical to that provided to the Regulator.

Scheme landing pages

We are introducing scheme-based landing pages to streamline navigation throughout the Client Portal. Each scheme landing page will display a customised dashboard for users to complete transactions, access other systems and manage their accounts. This will include available actions and forms; a list of ERF projects; National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting organisations, including access to Safeguard determinations and position statements; and access to other systems.

Profile management

We are moving towards a contemporary account experience through the consolidation of menu items including account details, passwords and notifications that provide users with a single point of management.

More information

We aim to introduce these changes with minimum inconvenience and maximum user support. Please contact us if you experience any difficulties and, as always, provide us with feedback on your experience with these improvements.

Please contact us at to provide feedback about these changes.

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