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Step three – submit your application form

03 September 2019

Making an application for power station accreditation

Applications for power station accreditation must be completed and lodged online through the REC Registry.

To enable the Clean Energy Regulator to assess the eligibility of your power station for accreditation, the application must:

  • be ‘properly made’ in accordance with the requirements of section 13 of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (REE Act), and
  • contain information that satisfies the eligibility criteria set out in section 14 of the REE Act and related regulations.

The information which must be provided in order to meet these requirements is set out in the application for accreditation in the REC Registry.

How to access the power station accreditation application

Log in to the REC Registry using your username and password. Select ‘Renewable energy systems’ from the left hand menu, and then select ‘Power station applications’ and then click on ‘Lodge application’.

You will be guided through each of the following pages: applicant details, power station details, eligible renewable energy source details, metering details, LGC methodology, approval details, generation details, generation projections, application checklist and legal declaration.

If some sections of the online application form are not applicable you may enter N/A (Not applicable). If you do not yet have all of the details for all aspects of you power station, you may enter TBA (to be advised) in those fields.

You will also be required to provide supporting documentation as part of your application.


Start the application process early, as the agency may request further information at step four.

If your power station is being commissioned, we recommend submitting the application six to eight weeks prior to the date of first generation of electricity, or when it meets the information and documentary requirements of a ‘properly made’ application under section 13 of the REE Act.

You do not need to have all information and supporting documents when you submit your initial application. In some instances, not all information or supporting documentation will be available.

You will have the opportunity to supply the additional information as it becomes available during the commissioning of your power station. You should ensure all missing information is provided to the agency as soon as possible.

If your power station has already started generating electricity you should aim to submit your application as soon as possible. Please ensure that you submit your application includes all supporting information and documentation with your application as your power stationapplication cannot be accredited assessed until this has been received.

If you have applied, and your power station does not go ahead or you are not able to provide all supporting information and documentation to the agency, you can withdraw your application before a decision to accredit is made.

Information and documentary requirements of a properly made application

The following checklists should be used before submitting an application to ensure all requirements have been met:

Documents on this page Documents on this page

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